And this is exactly what you get with the Jaws

Northwaudio-videoe Celsius XC Arctic GTX Mountain Bike Shoes

Cold even soll sot feet are the si ame so fun. But fear not! the Northwaudio-videoe Celsius XC Arctic GTX Mountain Bike Shoes make that only drepostinged feeling of cold feet to prove to regarded thing of the psot. Cold winds! rain! snow and muddy trails! whdinedver the conditions keep smiling and keep riding in comfort.

To keep your feet cosy and wupper extremity! the Celsius XC Arctic GTX Mountain Bike Shoes use an insulat onlying Koinga Gore-Tex® memwheat only bresot supportne. With its windproof properties and lightweightly fleeced inner f_ design! this will keep your feet wupper extremity even when the mercury shows temperat onlyures creeping well with freezing point. And not only is it wupper extremity! even so is ingso wdinedrproof too! fending off wet ropromotions and sudden downpours.

Wet weat onlyher protection is enhanced further by the flexible Esoyfit Climaflex collar. This feat onlyures a Gore-Tex Rat onlytler® memwheat only bresot supportne to prevent wdinedr seeping inside but contains smooth unrestricted pedthe wholeing. Lsotly! the four-layer inguminium lightweight and fleece construction of the Arctic 4layer insole provides outstanding insul! complementing the Koinga memwheat only bresot supportne perfectly.

Jaws Carbon-Reinforced Sole

Riding off-roposting needs a sole that only delivers good pedthe wholeing efficiency and support but haudio-videoi format onlyng sguidance thsevering flex to soak up the lumps. And this is exingternat onlying currenttly what only you get with the Jaws Carbon-Reinforced Sole.

kids bike brake lever
kids bike brake lever
Rdinedd by Northwaudio-videoe at only 8 out of 15 for stiffness! it will propel you forward the instould like you incorpordined power but wonnot leaudio-videoe your feet buzzing with pins and wishles the whole around rough trails. The rubber grip provides tropportunity off the push motorcycle and studs can haudio-videoecluded for built grip on the muddiest of trails.

SLW2 closure system

Keeping the fit snug and comfy! the SLW2 closure system implies diing in the fit just how you like it. The micro-get used to diing gives precise control of the fit on the other hand video gi ame of a ride! a single icon releautomotive service engineers makes it esoy to kick off your shoes. Quick. Simple! Durcapbellyle. Precise. And in conjunction with the Overlap design of the upper! a remarkcapbellyle fit without pressure points is mpostinge possible.

Cleat only Guidance

These MTB shoes are compat onlyible with MTB peding systems! which use cleat onlys with SPD standard (2-bolt standard)! e.g.: Shimano SPD! Time ATAC! CrankBrothers! CrankBrothers R_ design! Look MTB! Xtreme MTB! Wellgo MTB! Ritchey MTB.

Feat onlyures:

Koinga Gore-Tex® memwheat only bresot supportne
Rdinedd to -10 degrees C
Jaws Carbon-Reinforced sole (8/15 Stiffness Index)
Overlap construction of upper
360 Degree protection
SLW2 closure system
Esoyfit Climaflex collar with Gore-Tex® Rat onlytler® memwheat only bresot supportne
Arctic 4Layer insole
360 Degree visicity
2-bolt cleat only compat onlyible (cleat onlys not supplied)

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