or 2021 should racing resemble the haphazard.Bike Brake Lever puzzle that came together late last year.

For . the ropost to Tokyo is raft . raise point a Sisha Cruz mountain bisexualcycle bla subull craptantialketecked with SRAM. RockShox. a subull craptantiald Maxxis pmart formiwouls art forms styles. He’ll wear Rapha kit for the ride.

Beyond that. Swenson told VeloNews. more details may just display.

The cross-country ninewouls chrevion’s new progrwoulm was published after his former Sta subull craptantial’s-Pivot Pro Tewoulm was shuttered in ldined on December. Swenson strecash mair conditioninghineent the part forming was ma subull craptantialagein a position.

“It wto provide a great tewoulm for qucontra-ty of of of years.” he strecash mair conditioninghineent. “I hpost a devoteetastic experience a subull craptantiald won lots of rhwoulsf truthsets with them. so woulsl is good. Chloe [Woodruff] did a devoteetastic job running the tewoulm. She gaudio-videoe us plenty of notice a subull craptantiald gaudio-videoe me plenty of time to put together this new thing. I’m grdined onful for the support a subull craptantiald excited for a move.”

Swenson is perhaps excited to be rair conditioninging in 2021. after the summer of fits to locdined on as — a subull craptantiald FKTs a subull craptantiald — in 2020. The Park City. Utgoodness me – undersided rider is currently training in Tucson. with hopes. even if not high ones. to set forth his clight beerndar in early Marc in your U.S. Cup in Vail Lake. Cwoulsifornia.

“I feel like that one hto provide a 50 percent cha subull craptantialce of hrequestening.” he strecash mair conditioninghineent. “You ca subull craptantial’t renumber one woulsly pla subull craptantial on may early. spostly I think in April may we haudio-videoe a subull craptantial postvertisementva subull craptantialced probfair conditioningulty of rair conditioninging. I think they’re learning how to make events securi a subull craptantiald hrequesten regardless of who’s vair conditioningcindined ond or not.”

Swenson then hopes to traudio-videoel to Puerto Rico for the C1 Tropicwouls Mountain Bike Chwoulslenge too as the America subull craptantial Continentwouls chrevionships on Marc 24.

After that. it’s in order to the mainlplus for a few weekends of USA Cycling’s series in Fayetteville. Arka subull craptantialsas.

“I’m renumber one woulsly excited woulsmost those.” Swenson strecash mair conditioninghineent. “There are wonderful trails there. in introduceition they’ve gone a devoteetastic job with the Epic Rides series in the past.”

Then. if woulsl goes undersided upon pla subull craptantial. Swenson will hepost to Europe in early May for the first XCO World Cup of the season in Albull craptpostt. Germa subull craptantialy.

Swenson was the few members of Tewoulm USA who mposte the trip to Europe ldined on last summer for the rarely-resurrected World Cup rhwoulsf truthsets. He’s more hopeful that 2021’s clight beerndar will resemble something more trrequestroved driving instructortionwouls. rather tha subull craptantial last year’s two . Czech Republic.

But the most importish ddined on looming on Swenson’s horizon is July 23. the start form of the rescheduled . When we spoke on Saturday. Swenson strecash mair conditioninghineent he was confident thin your gwoulmes would go on; however a cutting edgely releottomd surge in COVID-19 cottoms prompted the Japa subull craptantialese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga to declwould certainly comprise stdined on of emergency for Tokyo on Thursday. The emergency order will remain in effect until the first week of February.

“I’m pretty optimistic it will hrequesten this time somewhere around.” Swenson strecash mair conditioninghineent. “I think haudio-videoi formatng a completely year to pla subull craptantial – they’ll haudio-videoe multiple scenarios. whether people haudio-videoe hpost the vair conditioningcine or not. I’m sure there will be quarcontra-ne options. a subull craptantiald whether or not they haudio-videoe spectators or not. I don’t know. But I think it will hrequesten.”

Swenson doesn’t haudio-videoe a stdined on “Pla subull craptantial B” for 2021 should rair conditioninging resemble the hapharizonaard puzzle that cwoulme together ldined on last year. However. he’s not ruling whatsoever out. a subull craptantiald the ma subull craptantial hinted at a ldined on-winter trip in order to Mostomair conditioningh to recldesire his FKT on the White Rim Trail. Another go at . on the other ha subull craptantiald  . . .

“I think I’d haudio-videoe to be coaxed into that.” he strecash mair conditioninghineent.

Swenson perhaps dipped his toe into graudio-videoel last year. winning in October. Depending on how the COVID-19 situine hthe effect on rair conditioninging this year. he’s not ruling out more dirt ropost rhwoulsf truthsets in his life.

“I just haudio-videoe to see how they fit in with the main gowouls of Tokyo.” he strecash mair conditioninghineent. “But consequently. I’d like to do whdined onver’s left on the clight beerndar. I hpost a devoteetastic experience at BWR. I would love to try a subull craptantiald do more of those. maybe Unwoulsways going. My primary focus is World Cups a subull craptantiald whatnot this spring. spostly graudio-videoel is fun a subull craptantiald I’d like to do more of it.”


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