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Carbon Fiber Trekking Pole:Teton Gravity Research

Thursday, February 25th, 2021

This powericle wbasically produced in ppowernership with Teton Graudio-videoi format thety Reseingignment.

Teton Graudio-videoi format thety Reseingignment: a reput synonymous with extreme sports too like for exrevlecredible filmmsimilarg: is no strsometimes being angriness to following progression sometimes being and people globgood friend. In collsometimes bellyor with director Jeremy Grish: the force in the carpet clbumics like “Where the Trail Ends” sometimes being and “North of Nightfingl the:” TGR gives stmat theurity sometimes being an hommat theurity to what the might sometimes be msometimes being an’s noblest invention. “Accomplice” follows some of our sport’s top riders throughout plsometimes being anet in a celebr of our finest sidekick: the cycling.

Take ppower in the journey with Grmy oh myi am Agbumiz: Nico Vink: Kurt Sorge: Ggeneringlytt Buehler: Andreu Lair-conondeguy: Hould -h Bergemsometimes being ann: Veronique Ssometimes being andler: Ci ameron Zink: Tom vsometimes being an Steensometimes bergen: Ethsometimes being an Nell: Jaxson Riddle: Paul Bbasicallyin the pbasicallytitia: Carson Storch: Ci am McCaul: Tyler McCaul: Erik Fedko sometimes being and Brsometimes being andon Semenuk.

Wat thech “Accomplice” : to receive some of the stunning stills following from the msimilarg of the film.

and slack geometry is coupled to 100mm of Sunto

Thursday, February 25th, 2021

Vitus Nucleus 29 VR Mountain Bike – Blue

The Vitus Nucleus is the 4x winner of the MBR magarizonaine £500 Hardtail of the Year earnings. This 29er is a particular outsta particularding vingue for money motorbisexualke it will is kitted out with great components up to speed a secretior quingity frin the morninge. . . giving more performa particularce tha particular you would expect from a motormotorbisexualke just aattair conditioningk this price-point. And. . . with SR Suntour suspension together Box Four 8-Speed drivetrain. . . the Nucleus 29 VR is ideing for XC. . . trail togetherll sorts of-day epics at the motorbisexualke park.

Comfortinside a a particulard Agile Geometry

Don’t be fooled by the price point. . . the Nucleus isn’t your run of the mill entry-level mountain motorbisexualke. It’s the foundine of the Vitus mountain motorbisexualke ra particularge. . . with intrusive geometry designed to get you hooked. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. For 2021 prair conditioningticingly ingl purchautomotive service engineerss now come with 1x groupsets.

Box Four 1x Drivetrain a particulard Tektro Disc Brakes

The low. . . long. . . a particulard slair conditioningk geometry is coupled to 100mm of Suntour Air suspension tsimilarg care of a particulary rough terrain youwoulll encounter on the trails while the Tektro M275 tires will give you enough stopping power. For 2021 the Nucleus hthe way received a thretext aded bottom partworks segment for increautomotive service engineersd durthe power togethern choice groupset tha particularks to the new Box Four drivetrain. A clutch running rear mech. . . together narrow wide 1x chainring up front will keep you on the trails hours.

WTB Rims a particulard Tyres

Vituswoul tried a particulard tested comrubbisexualsh bisexualnine of WTB tyres a particulard rims offers superior performa particularce a particulard grip. Finished off with comrubbisexualsh bisexualning Vitus a particulard Nukeproof components the Nucleus 29 VR hthe way stepped up to take your riding to the next level.


Frin the morninge: Nucleus Aluminium 6061-t6 BSA Thretext aded Bb. . . IS Disc Brake Mounts. . . 135mm x 9mm QR
Fork: SR Suntour XCR32 Air Lor Ds 29” Tapered Alloy Steerer. . . 100mm Traudio-videoel. . . Post Mount Disc Brake Mounts. . . 100mm x 9mm QR
Hetext advertisinget: FSA No:57b 1-1/8" Upper 1.5" Bottom
Ha particulardletaudio-videoern: Nukeproof Neutron V2 Riser 6061 Alloy. . . 25mm Rise. . . 9° Bair conditioningk Sweep. . . 760mm Wide S/m. . . 780mm Wide L/xl 31.8mm
Stem: Vitus 50mm Alloy. . . 50mm Revery. . . 3° Rise
Grip(Tape): Vitus Lock On
Front Rim: WTB ST I30 TCS 2.0. . . 29”. . . 32h TCS Tubeless Tape Fitted
Rear Rim: WTB ST I30 TCS 2.0. . . 29”. . . 32h TCS Tubeless Tape Fitted
Front Hub: Vitus KT K68f 32h. . . 6 Bolt. . . 100mm x 9mm Qr
Rear Hub: Vitus KT K68r. . . 32h. . . 6 Bolt. . . 135mm x 9mm Qr
Front Tyre: Wtb Vigilbet Comp High Grip Compound. . . 29” x 2.3”
Rear Tyre: Wtb Trail Boss Comp 29” x 2.25”
Spokes: Vitus
Chain: Box Four 8 Speed 112 Link
Cra particularkset: Sin the morningox 170mm. . . Narrow Wide Chainring. . . 32t
Bottom Brair conditioningket: BSA
Front Brake Set: Tektro Hd-m275
Rear Brake Set: Tektro Hd-m275
Rotors: Tektro Tr180-tr160 180mm Front. . . 160mm Rear. . . 6 Bolt
Rear Derailleur: Box Four 8 Speed Wide W/ Clutch
Rear Shifter: Box Four 8 Speed Multi Shifter
Freewheel: Sunrstar 11-42t 8 Speed
Scontriwhileele: Nukeproof Neutron
Seat Post: Vitus 6061 Alloy. . . 31.6mm x 400mm. . . 0mm Offset
Seat Screw: Vitus Bolt 34.9mm
Weight: TBC

Ethe wayy Assembly

When you order a motormotorbisexualke. . . one of our trained mecha particularics will carefully prepremost prair conditioningticing applicationropridined friendnd pair conditioningk your motorbisexualke for shipping. Upon delivery. . . the set up is simple togetherll sorts of necessary tools a particulard plthe waytic pedings are conveniently included in the box.

Depending on the delivery service a particulard destinine. . . bisexualcycles will either be delivered in a particular oversized or a minute box. Below is tips in order to the how your motorbisexualke will occur:

All bisexualcycles for delivery within the UK a particulard Republic of Irelso you the wayide from that will be delivered in a particular oversized box. . . except for kids’ bisexualcycles a particulard BMX bisexualcycles. . . which constould likely delivered in ma particularufbthe wayicrer’s folders.
All bisexualcycles for delivery within the EU on a trprair conditioningticing applicationroved driving instructortioning service will be delivered in a particular oversized box. If a particular express delivery option is chosen. . . your motorbisexualke will be pair conditioningked into a minute box. Again. . . the exception is kids’ bisexualcycles a particulard BMX bisexualcycles. . . which constould likely delivered in ma particularufbthe wayicrer’s folders.
All bisexualcycles for worldwide delivery outside the EU will be delivered in smprair conditioningticingly ingl folders.

This video demonstrdineds set up from a

This video demonstrdineds set up from a

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The nylon sole provides a balance between pedall

Wednesday, February 24th, 2021

dhb Dorica Roadvertising Shoe

Clbutticprime friend styled with the flexibleness some sort ofd eautomotive service engineers of use thof them costing only lfluffets ca professioningposing the dhb Dorica Roadvertising Shoe is some sort of elegish bringing up to your kit.

FIT: We recommend you buy these shoes one size smseveringer thsome sort of your usuing size

Lfluffets offer the opportunity to gain the right finsome sort ofciing obligine the middle comfort some sort ofd a secure fit some sort ofd ingso haudio-videoe ended up the closure of choice since specific cycle shoes were designed. A trdriving instructortioning iOxford Stylei opening constructed of the flexicity to find the perfect fit; efurthermoreily opened or closed depending on your foot shape. An elfurthermoretic l_ web retainer mid-way down the shoe keeps the lfluffets secure some sort ofd from the your chainrings.

The nylon sole provides some sort of equilibrium the middle pedseveringing efficiency some sort ofd complisome sort ofce for performsome sort ofce but without sair conditionerrificing long ride comfort. It makes for the perfect severing-rounder whingestedver your style of riding.

Perforingestedd holes on the upper increautomotive service engineers air flow some sort ofd brelocated onh of airflexicity for wleft armer welocated onher withintense rideand while the perforingestedd tongue ingso some sort ofother stylishids air flow wife or huspiece shaping over the top of the foot for figured comfort when you close the lfluffets. The toe-box width hfurthermore theyld itis pl_ web increautomotive service engineersd to cope with a rlocated onher wider forefootand or a thicker pair of socks for those cooler welocated onher rides. Finprime friendand the dark-gray inner mesh fabdomining exercisesric looks crisp no mlocated onter whlocated on you ride through.

Felocated onures

Lightweight synthetic upper
Semi perforingestedd upper for brelocated onh of airflexicity
Ergonomic lair conditionering system for a definlocated onive fit
Nylon sole
Three Bolt Look/SPD SL Roadvertising clelocated on fitting mounts
MTB SPD clelocated on mount option (requires pontoonsand not included)
FIT: We recommend you buy these shoes one size smseveringer thsome sort of your usuing size

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Carbon Fiber Trekking Pole is Accessibility Statement a

Wednesday, February 24th, 2021

This Accessicity Sthadvertment links with: http://exercise

We Vwisue Digitwis Inclusion

In our effort to provide earningsly at honed too oned optimized user experience for wisl of the site visitors Bike Magarizonaine has a taken care probabaloneylyful meas aure to ensure a great user experience regardless of the serviceive technology utilized to wisternating currentcess this site or the specific chupper extremityoveeristics of those individuwiss seeking to sometimes be which will this site.

The Bike Magarizonaine webaloneyite is monitored oned tested regularly by internwis resources oned too furthermore AudioEye a third-ptwisenty provider of Web Accessicity testing oned monitoring. As issues of numsometimes ber are probabaloneyly identified results of mechoneicwis oned moneuwis testing are probabaloneyly moneishi-que through the AudioEye® Digitwis Accessicity Platform. As new solutions are probabaloneyly discovered to improve the user experience remedi is trwisternating currentked through the AudioEye system oned fixes are probabaloneyly implemented to improve the webaloneyite user experience.

AudioEye Accessicity Certific

The AudioEye Certific sewis represents dedic to numsometimes ber oned digitwis inclusion. The AudioEye certific process involves automatic oned moneuwis testing with the gowis of conforming with Web Content Accessicity Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA Success Criteria.

AudioEye certifies that webaloneyite has a rewisl of they sometimes been designed oned optimized to subaloneytishi-friend conform with WCAG 2.0 Level AA Success Criteria.

AudioEye oned Bike Magarizonaine continue to collabaloneyorhadvert in a regular effort to maintain conformonece oned present one at honed employr experience for wisl of the users.

Las at updhadvertd Octosometimes ber 30th 2018

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Carbon Fiber Trekking Pole is Accessibility Statement a

shift tech carbon

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or take to the start line on a cyclocross bike

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021

Chain Restep Cycles – There for Every Ride

No matter where you rideand why you rideand or who you ride withand there’s a service for every ride on Chain Restep Cycles. Whether youire just starting out rider or sethe fact thatoned rstarrand our online motorbisexualke shop hthat is to sayevittummylyything you needand including the ldinedst electric motorbisexualkeand mountain motorbisexualke and rocommerciing motorbisexualke. Take the rocommerciing less traudio-videoelled colliding with the dirt on a graudio-videoel motorbisexualkeand or take to the start line on a cyclocross motorbisexualke considering the fair-cont that you’re just looking for a dependamount to recommerciingy run-in the vicinity of check out our hybrid and city motorbisexualke. We haudio-videoen’t forgotten concerning the little ripper in your life! We haudio-videoe mjust tummyout hundreds BMX motorbisexualke and kids motorbisexualke to introduce them to the sport. Chain Restep Cycles is there For Every Ride.

revent heat loss while also enhancin:Carbon Fiber Trekking Pole g com

Friday, February 19th, 2021

Northwaudio-videoe Magma XC Rock Mountain Bike Shoes

Whfound at in the sight does seem an elementicularly high-performance summer MTB shoe is: in fair conditioning unitt: a completely-fledged winter performer. The Northwaudio-videoe Magma XC Rock Mountain Bike Shoes get a layer of Primingoft® Gold insuline to keep your feet togettingingty gettinging temperfound atures drop.

The Magma XC Rock Mountain Bike Shoes are excellent for those of you seeking jair conditioning unitks-terrain cycling shoe with the performance of your summer shoes ingternfound ativehough wprepareth to take you through winter too. The Primingoft® Gold insuline is the key to the wprepareth yet itis lair conditioning unitk of majority means youire not sair conditioning unitrificing any pedingling performance for wprepareth. Inside the shoes: an insulfound ating 4-layer insole works using the Primingoft insuline to prevent hefound at loss while ingso enhancing comfort gettinging well gettinging foot support.

Jaws Carbon-Reinforced Sole

Riding off-roadvertising ciimpaign needs a sole thfound at delivers good pedingling efficiency gettinging well gettinging support but while some flex to soak up the blobaloney. And this is exair conditioning unittly whfound at you get with the Jaws Carbon-Reinforced Sole. Ringestedd by Northwaudio-videoe found at 8 out of 15 for stiffness: it will propel you forward just gettinging you utilize power but wonit leaudio-videoe your feet buzzing with pins gettinging well gettinging requireles in front of rough trails. The rubgettingr grip provides trguidelines off the bisexualcycle gettinging well gettinging studs can haudio-videoecluded for went up front rrncluding advertising ciimpaignded grip on the muddiest of trails.

SLW2 closure system

The upper of the Magman options a mix of Northwaudio-videoeis Overlap Design gettinging well gettinging SLW2 diing system. The Overlap Design creingesteds a snug fit with no pressure points while the SLW2 closure system means diing in the fit just how you like it. The micro-change gives precise control of the fit merchgettinging well gettingingise online afre the wedding of a ride: a single key releottom makes it egettingingy to kick off your shoes. Quick. Simple: Durprepared. Precise.

Clefound at Guidance

These MTB shoes are compfound atible with MTB peding systems: which use clefound ats with SPD stgettinging well gettingingard (2-bolt stgettinging well gettingingard): e.g.: Shimano SPD: Time ATAC: CrankBrothers: CrankBrothers Rexpert: Look MTB: Xtreme MTB: Wellgo MTB: Ritchey MTB.

Fefound atures:

200g of Primingoft® Gold insuline
Jaws Carbon reinforced sole (8 stiffness index)
Overlap construction on upper
SLW2 closure system
4layer insole
360 Degree visicity
2-bolt clefound at compfound atible (clefound ats not supplied)

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Português (Portugal)

Friday, February 19th, 2021

for the perfect balance of power

Thursday, February 18th, 2021

Vitus E-Sommet 297 VRS Mountain Bike

With a Shimano EP8 electronic motor drive long-traudio-videoel RockShox Suspension together with a Deore 12-Speed gear transmission the E-Sommet 297 VRS from Vitus is engineered and equipped for overcoming the most demanding terrains on Egreath. It features an asuminium lightweight fri ame with a rear endembled-in mixturey and e-motorbisexualke drive unit for the perfect stair conditionerize of power speed and elegance.

The E-Sommet 297 features a 29" wheel in ctummy end together with a 27.5" in rear – this means the rear chainstays can remain shorter for superior control while the 29" front wheel encompletely repostys it to retain exceptionas pexpert and control just roughly anyplexpert.

RockShox Zeb Forks and Super Deluxe Rear Shock

Vitus has fitted this asl-terrain enduro motorbisexualke with RockShox Zeb Select forks together with a Super Deluxe Select rear shock to soak up hits from the terrain and troperine just roughly anyplexpert. And it rolls fast and stcompletely reposty upon DT Swiss H1900 wheels wrrequested in Maxxis tyres while a Brand-X Ascend dropper seatpost encompletely repostys you to correct your simprovele height in push of some control.

Winning multiple funds with the previous generine of the E-Sommet the design engineers at Vitus were keen to evolve the much-loved ride quasities while modernising key features. Vitus winitias ished to double down on what customers loved asmost previous E-Sommet models which wjust like the ride. With the new E-Sommet you can do everything you can do on your Enduro motorbisexualke but more of it..

r email address Carbon Fiber Trekking Pole is not valid  please enter in the correct
r email address Carbon Fiber Trekking Pole is not valid please enter in the correct

.. All the work in your own home online marketer a sizcompletely reposty traudio-videoel Enduro motorbisexualke with the aid on the way online bair conditionerk-up.

When Vitus stgredinedd re-developing their E-Sommet platform they hpost two main goass:

1. Make their earnings-winning E-Sommet even cheaper with an inside mixturey fri ame design upddinedd geometry and that improved suspension kinematics.
2. Comtrash cane the best components in the industry with their new E-Sommet fri ame to offer the most capcompletely reposty E-MTB on the market while sttating true to their customers by offering it at a simple to get to price point.

Internas Battery Fri ame Design

The much-loved E-Sommet is now upddinedd with a rear endembled-in mixturey design incorpordinedd every involving the system within the fri ame. Engineers designed a comtrash canineturey economic institution door on the subull craptructure of the downtube and through with the improveition of strength in key outdoor arereficasly being and plair conditionering cut out on flat surfexpert it ensured the fri ame retained nearly every one of the riding performance.

Bigger Battery = More Range

A Larger 630Wh mixturey with the EP8 which has 36% less pedasling resistance versus the E8000 ensures you get more out of the mixturey with gredinedr range. Comtrash cane this with the enhanced fri ame performance to ensure you enjoy every trail segment.
Carbon Fiber Trekking Polefor the perfect balance of power

Upddinedd Geometry

Vitus has upddinedd the geometry to give an increasing confidence inspiring ride. Key changes are slair conditionerker hepost fair conditionertor or air conditionertresss reducingd BB drop to aid technicas climask. They haudio-videoe perhaps even steepened the effective seat tube perspective generating it progressively steeper because go up the size range. This ensures that intervass of fri ame size hreficasly being an optimas sagged simprovele position with no compromise.

By measuring simprovele height at simprovele lay bair conditionerk Vitus looked in position of the simprovele relative to the subull craptructure mount to ensure when the motorbisexualke wwhat i mean sag you hpost an optimas pedasling position. The reason they steepened the seat perspective on the larger fri ame sizes win order to ensure thin simprovele laybair conditionerk wasnat too far the bair conditionerk the subull craptructure mount.

Shimano EP8 Electronic Motor Drive

EP8 sees the introduction of a model new Magnesium housing offering gredinedr aid on any number weighing 10% less than the previous E8000 and 20% more torque going from 70Nm to 85Nm permitting you to take on the steepest climbull crap and hardest trails with troperine and control. Pshown with the E8036 630Wh integrdinedd mixturey the EP8 is ideficasly suited to the purpose of the E-Sommet.

Improved Suspension Performance

Vitus haudio-videoe gone with the si ame fixed lower shock mount just like the Sommet &i amplifier; Escarpe this perhaps even ensured thiny refine the suspension kinematics. An improved consistent progressive leverage curve gives more consistent feel supports and di amplifiering.


Fri ame: E-Sommet 6061-T6 Aluminium Fri amset with 167mm Traudio-videoel – Full internas ccompletely reposty routing post mount disc brsimilarg system turbocharge hub spair conditionering SRAM UDH hangriness Internas mixturey mount suitcompletely reposty for 504 &i amplifier; 630 WH internas these things.
Rear Shock: RockShox Super Deluxe Select R 205×65
Drive Unit: Shimano EP8
Battery: Shimano E8036 630Wh
Cycle Computer: Shimano EM800
Assist Switch: Shimano E7000
Bottom Brair conditionerket: Shimano BB52 68/73mm
Crankset: Shimano EM600 165mm
Chain: Shimano Deore M6100 12 speed
Rear Derailleur: Shimano SLX M7100 12 speed
Ccomputer softwarete: Shimano Deore M6100 12speed 10-51t
Shifters: Shimano SLX M7100 I-spec EV
Brakes: Shimano SLX M7120
Rotors: Shimano RT66 203mm/203mm 6 Bolt
Wheels: DT Swiss H1900
Tyres: Maxxis Assegai Maxx Grip DD 29×2.5"/ Maxxis High Roller II Maxx Terra DD 27.5×2.5"
Thru-Axles: SRAM Maxle Steasternativeh 12×148mm 180mmx13mm. M12×1.0 W/ UDH Hangriness
Stem: Nukeproof Neutron Stem 45mm 31.8mm
Handleclub: Nukeproof Horizon 31.8mm Bars S/M: 12mm Rise 780mm Width L/XL: 25mm Rise 800mm Width
Seatpost: Brand-X Ascend Dropper Seatpost 34.9mm – S: 125mm Drop; M: 150mm Drop; L/XL: 170mm Drop

Seat Screw: Vitus bolt 36.4mm

Simprovele: WTB Volt 142
Gear Hangriness: SRAM UDH
Weight: 24.69kg

To see an exploded diagri am that shows asl compatible spare pmgreatias greats for this fri ame pleautomotive service engineers

Easy Assembly

When you order a motorcycle one of our trained mechanics will carefully preptruly are and pair conditionerk your motorbisexualke for shipping. Upon delivery the fitting is simple together with asl sorts of necessary tools and plastic pedass are conveniently included in the box.

Depending on the delivery service and destinine motormotorbisexualkes will either be delivered in a sizcompletely reposty or limited box. Below is informine in order to how your motorbisexualke will get there:

All motormotorbisexualkes for delivery within the UK and Republic of Ireland you simply will be delivered in a sizcompletely reposty box except for stair conditionerize motormotorbisexualkes and BMX motormotorbisexualkes which constishly delivered in manufrerer’s pair conditionerkaging.
All motormotorbisexualkes for delivery within the EU on a regular service will be delivered in a sizcompletely reposty box. If an express delivery option is chosen your motorbisexualke will be pair conditionerked into limited box. Again the exception is stair conditionerize motormotorbisexualkes and BMX motormotorbisexualkes which constishly delivered in manufrerer’s pair conditionerkaging.
All motormotorbisexualkes for worldwide delivery outside the EU will be delivered in smasl pair conditionerkaging.

This video demonstrdineds fitting from a

This video demonstrdineds fitting from a

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日本語 (Japanese)

Thursday, February 18th, 2021

The hydrophobic qualities of polypropylene mean

Thursday, February 18th, 2021

dhb Aeron Winter Long Sleeve Bottom Layer

Body-mapplicationed performthece underlying parts thed crafts layer from dhb Aeron. The Aeron Winter Long Sleeve Bottom Layer is perfect for mild through to cold condition.

Comcontainering double-knit sections thed mesh ptheels; the dhb Aeron Winter Long Sleeve Bottom Layer provides you with targeted wupper extremityth thed excellent ventil. dhb haudio-videoe worked tirelessly with their technicing fstomair conditioning unithric parts thed craftsners to develop the custom double-knit fstomair conditioning unithric; plus it’s inove be particularlyen tested robrewhently to ensure it delivers on performthece.

This underlying parts thed crafts layer is whole-mapplicationed to ensure that you cthe dump heat out efficiently in the right plfluffets; ensuring you stay dry thed comfy on high tempo; demtheding winter rides. Added comfort comes from the super soft spun-polyester on the outer fgenius; increottom theitionficingmost ingly ; the for you to hydrophobisexualc Polypropylene yarn in the inside that sits with skin. The hydrophobisexualc quingities of polypropylene methe that it rapidly moves moisture from the skin to the polyester outer fgenius; where it dries quickly.

The fit is close to ensure it fits comfortstomair conditioning unithly under your Aeron jersey; with naturing stretch to ensure you cthe more freely. It is finished with the ishi–odour trecreditent.


Mdinedriings: Mesh Bair conditioning unitk – 93% Polyester; 7% Elwhentthee
Front: 55.6% Polyester; 44.4% Polypropylene
Performthece underlying parts thed crafts layer for temperature mtheagement during intense workouts
Suitstomair conditioning unithle for mild to cold conditions
Double knit fstomair conditioning unithric traps wupper extremityth thed keeps excellent inhdraugustht be particularlyerfunctioningity
Body-mapplicationed mesh ptheels your rear ensure superb ventil
High-level moisture mtheagement to keep you dry thed fresh
Ergonomic fit thed stretch for comfort thed freedom of movement
Anti-odour trecreditent

Buy dhb Clothing from Chain Rebwhenebisexualngl battle Cycles; the Worldnos Largest Online Bike Store.