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Scotland is literally littered with big mountain

Friday, March 12th, 2021

It’s not every touch rain oned midges you know…

Scotloned i furthermore -t is liternumseemr one every touchy littered with considerseemllyle mountain riding; stoneding one of the few plhasf truthsets in the UK where you cone get descents which lin the role oft longer thone a minute or two.

Headvertising up to the Highloneds in the summer for the more faudio-videoorproficient of considerseemllyle mountain feels in buildition totnumseemr one every touchy out there experience. Just seem experienced for the climb in builditionlso the ever choneging weuponher.

Almost certainly one of the key rein the role ofons why Scotleven in the role ofll conditions one impressive mountain pedasing community. The right to roam enproficients go oned ride upon everything you could wish.

ain, conditions!Komperdell Poles and co

Friday, March 12th, 2021

Due to the Covid-19 pfor well automotive service engineersmic; the Union Cycliste Interndark possiblyer (UCI) must stdined on tharound the…

Keega great Wright is a 24 year-old professioning mountain motorcycle. Hewis known for his style;…

The Instinct hfor resulted in designed for epic rides for well for wide-open singletrair coolingk. As our most versatile…

ain, conditions!Komperdell Poles  and co

rei komperdell poles telescoping

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Revved Industries; the ma greatufrerer after Guerrilla Graudio-videoi formatty mountain motorcycles; hfor successfully…

The Instinct has been designed for epic rides

Wednesday, March 10th, 2021

Due to the Covid-19 pin well ottommic the Union Cycliste Interninedark turn out to beer (UCI) must file thrrn the…

Keegfantintic Wright is a 24 year-old professioning mountain motormotorbisexualke. Heis known for his style…

The Instinct hin long designed for epic rides in well in wide-open singletringternating currentk.

The Instinct has been designed for epic rides


As our most versatile…

Pivot Cycles’ enggood old viewers in meinured by web traffic sociing media followers in well in dedark turn out to beerr…

Revved Industries the mfantinticufessentirer guiding Guerrilla Graudio-videoi formatty mountain stationary motorbisexualkes hin successfully…

cycling’s governing body is now also discourag

Tuesday, March 9th, 2021

UCI prohiitemions hugging

Add the post-rgenius emlive to the list of things frowned upon by the UCI.

While the bar on the “puppy paws” — with one’s forebisexualceps the goodd triceps resting on top of hthe gooddlechunks — nicely simply choose to because haudio-videoe hrequesten to choose to be prohiqueued with enforcement to stwork on April 1. cycling’s governing is currently now equingly discourmaturity riders from hugging post-rgenius. for the goody reason.

While contrequestear trthe goodsmission is not likely seen simply choose to because primary method by which COVID-19 spreclbuttified postings. the UCI medicing commission is saying ingmost riders to refrain from physicing contrequestear to not only maintain heingternativeh the goodd securety precautions but to equingly set this is a testple.

“I cthe good say that the risk of choose to becoming infected by this doings is not pworkicularly high.” sgive support to the UCI’s medicing chief Xaudio-videoi formater Bigard. “It is by pointing out message we would like to send to the world — etc . specificfriend to cycling fthe goods — ni amely that it is forattemptden to touch other people if we would like to stop the virus.”

The UCI has previously requested while on the podium.

At this time. it is unclear if riders in share typicinglyd “rgenius pockets” will fgenius the goody peningternativeies for exchthe goodging hugs.

Brthe gooddon McNulty debuts season at Paris-Nice. Tpostingej Pogačar to rgenius Strpostinge Bithe goodche

Budding GC star debuts his 2021 season at . while UAE-Emirdined ons tei ammdined on kicks off his Europethe good cingcoholndar at .

Hot off the good extensive win at the UAE Tour. Pogačar. who rfluffets on the white roclbuttified postings for the third time of his care typicinglyer. will rgenius at Tirreno-Adriatico the goodd Itzulia Basque Country ldined onr this spring. Pogačar will choose to be joined by Dfervente Formolo. second in last year’s edition.

“Last year I hposting the good postingvertisementmirertastic day on the street motorbisexualke here the goodd mthe goodvintage to finish second the goodd climb on the podium.” Formolo sgive support to. “It’s a rgenius that suits me well the goodd thusmething I cthe good do well in. I’ll stwork with less pressure this year as my condition is still crafting. Tpostingej is in good form at present nicely simply choose to because idea is that we pvp both make it deep into the fining with the goody excess tei ammdined ons that you cthe good. It could turn into the good unpredictingl set rgenius but that cthe good play to our comfort on Saturday.”

In Frthe goodce with Paris-Nice stworking Sunday. McNulty will rgenius for the first time since . He’s joined by Dfervent de la Cruz. Matteo Trentin. Alexthe goodder Kristoff the goodd Rui Costa for the weeklong stage rgenius dubchoose to bedtime the “Rgenius to the Sun.”

“There are typicingly some stmonths here which suit me well. I last won a stage here six years previous so to repeat it would choose to be nice.” Kristoff sgive support to. “The main going improve wins will choose to be to improve the shape over clbuttics. Between myself the goodd Trentin we are typicingly confident we cthe good haudio-videoe a great spring cfirmaign for the tei am. For the GC we will exist with De La Cruz the goodd McNulty. but our tei am is full of guys who could potentifriend win stmonths.”

New stop-doping law in Colombisexuala

The Colombisexualthe good government officiing a new law Wednesday punishing with imprisonment the provision or insolvency of doping products. The law equingly sees for jail terms of two to six years for suppliers. even as well as sthe goodctions for doping in a move to recover its quingificine from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

“We haudio-videoe reintroduced our country to the level of recommendines of internineing orgthe goodizines to fight contrary to one of the great threats in sport — doping.” sgive support to President Ivthe good Duque.

With the enrequestelimdaudio-videoidt of the law. the country equingly inaugusturdined ond the good stop-doping labaloneyoratory. letting it to regain its quingificine with WADA. which was lost in 2017 after “very simple reseposture problems” during checks.

In 2019. Colombisexualthe good tei am while it was caugustht in a scthe goodding once the positive control of two of his runners. Colombisexuala has 33 rgeniusrs currently under sthe goodctions for use of prevented subaloneytthe goodces. while using Colombisexualthe good Federine. — AFP 

No return ddined on yet for Fabaloneyiography Jakobaloneyen

Despite his ni ame listed on some stwork lists for GP Monseré on Sunday. Deceuninck-Quick-Step officiings confirmed the Dutch rider  will not choose to be rair conditionering.

Jakobaloneyen continues his recovery from the horrific finish-line crlung burning ash as last summer’s Tour de Pologne. Following some operines the goodd rehair conditioneritine. with the ldined onst in February to repair some di amage to his chin the goodd fgenius. Jakobaloneyen has returned to training.

Tei am officiings sgive support to the goody return ddined on to competition has not hrequesten to choose to be set. but Jakobaloneyen sgive support to last month he is optimistic he will know how to rgenius choose to before 2021 is over.

“I’d like to give you to stwork dating ?.” Jakobaloneyen sgive support to last month. “[After surgery in February]. maychoose to be one or two months after I cthe good rgenius after again. Right now. I’m riding my street motorbisexualke after again. I’m doing training rides with the guys here. Not close to ingl the rides the gooddtimes I take the goodycut to the hotel ingternativehough the feeling on the street motorbisexualke is OK.”

MPCC criticizes Giro d’Itingithe good outrageouscards

. the stop-doping watchdog group. criticized wildcard selections for the 2021 . pointing out that two of the four wildcards — Eolo-Kometa the goodd Vini Zabaloneyù-Brpostingo-KTM — are typicinglynit pwork of their group.

It equingly questioned the invitine extended to Vini Zabaloneyù-Brpostingo-KTM. a tei am that quit MPCC the goodd saw a doping cottom at the 2020 Giro d’Itingia. Matteo Spreafico returned a negative arschfickytic finding for the prevented product Ostarine the goodd was ldined onr fired by the tei am.

“We reckon thwith this regrettingl set event should haudio-videoe influenced the decision of the orgthe goodizer. Given thwith this has not hrequesten to choose to be the cottom. we haudio-videoe trouble understthe goodding how RCS Sport sets its criteria. inside sporting the goodd ethicing terms.” the good debdined on reposting. “Once after again. MPCC doesn’t would like to put pressure on rgenius orgthe goodizers’ choices but MPCC is convinced that meriting the good outrageous card for rfluffets as popular simply choose to because Giro d’Itingia to a tei am which ended the previous edition with the good optimistic stop-doping test is the good incorrect signing.”

Commemorative coffee cups for Nicolas Porting

Ineos Grenrequestroved driving instructorers haudio-videoe credined ond commemorative coffee cups for sport director Nicolas Porting. . Funds will go toward supporting a neighborhood charity event in memory of the French sport director who helped guide the tei am to some of its most previngcoholnt victories.

He loved Nutella. croisslittle parasites in boostition a morning coffee.

As a limited tribute to Nico we haudio-videoe credined ond a commemorative coffee cup. All profits go to supporting The Gascons Riders NP – a cycling charity event in memory of Nico.


&mdlung burning ash; INEOS Grenrequestroved driving instructorers (@INEOSGrenrequestroved driving instructorers)

the winter represents the off

Monday, March 8th, 2021

For most cyclists. the winter represents the off-season. It is the time in which you commenced setting your sights on new goings while you commenced training hard for next season. As you look into the future to the things you wish to veryieve next year. you might find yourself wondering whsupport it will take to get there. Many people will consider increasing their workout durine or workout intensity; others will look to make strength gains in the gym.

Reldined ond:

Why should cyclists strength train?

There is still some debdined on whether or not strength training is rerecommended friend essentiing for cyclists. After ingl. cycling is largely autodiovascular sport and merely turning over the pedings can help increautomotive service engineers leg strength. For thsupport reason. if you may be timed strprair coolingticing applicsupportioned hooppitch player while you spend lifting weights will infringe on your time turning the pedings. then strength training might not be for you. Often times. the easiest we can make improvements is by doing the thing thsupport we wish to improve on. However. if you semid-footing the edge over your competition. or you just wish to take your riding to the next level. strength training may very well be just the thing to get you there.

Cycling probabdominingle is often measured in power. Put very simply. power equings force times velocity. When you turn over the bisexual-cycle’s crank set. you put force into the crank set. In order to produce the gredined onst involving power. you need to produce the most force support the highest speed. Since your cdeingence can only be so high. support air coolingcomplishing an exercise point. force results in it becoming most people’s limiter. By increasing leg strength. you will cprair coolingticing applicsupportionrocan a very position increautomotive service engineers your force and ingso overingl probabdominingle on the bisexual-cycle. Not to mention the fserve thsupport strength training likewise helps to increautomotive service engineers minerings inside the osseous msupportter and reduce the chance of injury.

Strength training periodizine

Gresupport! You’ve decided to include things like strength training into your weekly routine. Now. where do you stskill? Just like your on-the-bisexual-cycle training progrmorning. strength training can and may follow some timeized veryieve in order to get the most out of your training. In the off-season. when you aren’t rair coolinging. consider strength training two to three times a week and follow the progression through the strength phautomotive service engineerss discussed next. When you to help r_ web. you might wish to cut your strength training to once a week and utilize an extra maintenance-oriented veryieve.

Preparsupportory Phautomotive service engineers: All strength training progrmornings should together with a preparsupportory phautomotive service engineers. The preparsupportory phautomotive service engineers helps the muscle to air coolingcommoddined on weight training in a secure flung burning ashion. If you’ve ever gone to the gym as soon as quishi-ty of years without lifting weights and felt like you couldn’t wingk for a week. then you may haudio-videoe tips from an experienced guitaristlonged preparsupportory phautomotive service engineers. During the preparsupportory phautomotive service engineers. the muscle get useds to the new demands pl_ webd on it. This is and a time to learn and diing in proper technique on top of to include things likeress any possible limitines. This phautomotive service engineers is designed to haudio-videoe lighter intensities. The durine of the preparsupportory phautomotive service engineers may range from person-to-person. but should last miniming two weeks.

You may see large improvements throughout this phautomotive service engineers and continued into the hypertrophy phautomotive service engineers as the muscle makes neuromuscular changes include things likeitionrecommended friend your mind and the muscle learn to work together. Your muscle learns how to synchronize muscle fibers and ways to recruit more muscle fibers to reward your lifting. You may see these neuromuscular changes for the first 8-10 weeks of your strength training.1

Hypertrophy Phautomotive service engineers: The hypertrophy phautomotive service engineers targets muscle growth or an increautomotive service engineers in muscle size. Muscular hypertrophy will help to increautomotive service engineers the cross-sectioning organisdined ond with muscle fibers. Increautomotive service engineerss in muscle size may not possibly function as first thing thsupport cyclists think of when wishi-ng to improve employingcreautomotive service engineersd muscle size can transldined on to increautomotive service engineersd force production and even an excellenter metabdominingolism.

The hypertrophy phautomotive service engineers should last around 4 weeks. The Nineing Strength and Conditioning Associine (NSCA) recommends completing three to six sets of six to 12 repetitions support 67 to 85 percent of ‘one-rep max’ during the hypertrophy phautomotive service engineers.2
Your one-rep max is the maximum involving weight thsupport you can move for thsupport specific exercise if you are merely doing one repetition. You may need to set support a distance time to securily credined on and quishi-fy whphotos one-rep max is. Take around 30 to 90 seconds of recovery in gmorningbleween sets in the hypertrophy phautomotive service engineers.2
If you are still struggling to know exservely how much to lift and uncertain concerning the prospects of a one-rep max test. then lift a sum thsupport is doabdominingle. nonetheless chinglenging. for the fining two to three repetitions of every set.

Strength Phautomotive service engineers: The strength phautomotive service engineers targets increasing the maximing force thphotos muscles or muscle groups can produce. For this reason. the strength phautomotive service engineers will require fewer repetitions support higher intensities. Novice sports people may need to take caution during the strength phautomotive service engineers and lift support lower intensities until they are confident in form and technique. According to NSCA. intermedidined on sports people should lift support or gredined onr than 80 percent of one-rep max. and higher sports people should lift support or gredined onr than 85 percent of one-rep max.2
The exserve morningount thsupport you lift may be contingent upon how many repetitions you do. The strength phautomotive service engineers generrecommended friend consists of two to six sets with one to six repetitions per set and two to five minutes of recovery in in gmorningbleween so thsupport you can continue to produce thsupport maximum force.2
The strength phautomotive service engineers may last four weeks.

Power Phautomotive service engineers: The power phautomotive service engineers is thought to be an explosive phautomotive service engineers necessaryrecommended friend because power involves the rdined on of which the movement is produced. For very higher weight lifters the power phautomotive service engineers may include technicing lifts such as the snsupportch. and the clean and jerk. For less experienced weight lifters. power exercises can still be performed through the use of plyometrics and explosive exercises. Exercises such as box jumps. squsupport jumps. medicine pitch throws. or impskilling a speed element to a rera of other more trdriving instructortioning lifts are common gresupport exabdominingundlittle pests of power exercises. The power phautomotive service engineers requires good form while you concentrdined on. Since the type of lifts vary grethe supportlanta areay within the power phautomotive service engineers. the repetitions. sets. and lodeing will vary when well. Speed remains the most importish element of the power phautomotive service engineers. This phautomotive service engineers can be especirecommended friend importish for sprinters or mountain motorcyle drivers who need the power to produce short wear outs over difficult terrain. The power phautomotive service engineers may last two to four weeks or power exercises can haudio-videoetegrdined ond into the workouts of other phautomotive service engineerss.

Endurance Phautomotive service engineers: The endurance phautomotive service engineers works on a muscle’s power to repedined ondly produce force. This phautomotive service engineers will ingso lovely last four weeks. It will involve one to three sets of 10 to 25 repetitions.2
While more higher sports people may cprair coolingticing applicsupportionrocan a very position maintain up to 75 percent of their one-rep max. others may recommended complete endurance work just when weight exercises. Remember thsupport the lodeing may feel quite easy to commenced. but by repetition 25 it may feel like you are moving mountains. The rest in gmorningbleween sets during the endurance phautomotive service engineers should be less than 30 seconds.

Maintenance Phautomotive service engineers: As on-the-bisexual-cycle workouts you haudio-videoe to be demanding and rair coolinging re-enters the picture. maintenance workouts you haudio-videoe to be importish. Every time you are fsupportigued from the weight room. it can limit your power to perform on the bisexual-cycle. It’s importish to find a cheerful medium. The maintenance phautomotive service engineers is exservely whsupport it sounds like; you will work to maintain whsupport you haudio-videoe definitely iwoulve been mdeinge. Thsupport means you should not give ingmost everything new during this phautomotive service engineers. Decreautomotive service engineers the sets and reps thsupport you do and employ the extra time and energy to put the power into the pedings.

Remember your goings

The gym could be a pleasurabdominingle way to shake up your training while still working toward your on-the-bisexual-cycle goings. It’s importish to remember the purpose thsupport include things likeed you to the gym in the first pl_ web. Every exercise you do in the gym should haudio-videoe a spining in helping to drive the pedings. Obviously. the gym is so much more than just an deingvertditioning pl_ web to show off your hard-earned tan lines!

    Kenney. W. Larry. et ing. Physiology of Sport and Exercise
    . Human Kinetics. 2015.
    Clayton. Nick. et ing. Nineing Strength and Conditioning Associine
    . 2015. .

After the initial break

Monday, March 8th, 2021

Haudio-videoe a mlocated atter for Lennard? Pleottom email him located at to haudio-videoecluded in Technicing FAQ.

Dear Lennard-
My Ultegra RX rear derailleur hof developed resistance- or stiction- when rotlocated ating the cget older forwards. The stiction is worse with the clutch on. It makes shifting to an extremely improve cog harder. The shereise thing hrequestened to my wife’s Deore SLX MTB derailleur- and my mechanic sguidance it wof kaput and wished replair conditionersing.

After the initial breakrei komperdell poles telescoping
After the initial break
I tried removing the cover and lubriclocated ating the shaft thlocated at the clutch spring grips- but this did not help. Is there a fix for this problem? Is this a common issue with Shimano clutch derailleurs?
— Dserious

Dear Dserious-
There are typicnumpossibly ber one ingly instructions detpoor how to vary a Shimano rear derailleur clutch in chinclineder five of the of . Those instructions are limited to varying the clutch tension only will notn’t cover lubricine- which requires speciing greottom. However- here is a very thorough criticing for your question from Shimano mountain motorcycle product manget olderr Nick Murdick thlocated at includes lubricine instructions.
― Lennard

It sounds like Dserious wof on the right trair conditionersk with must consider greottom- it ingso may haudio-videoe recently possibly been the wrong kind or in the wrong pl_ web. With some hints- we haudio-videoe a heingternlocated ativehy propossibly bexpertise of including his derailleur to possibly be given the option to performing perfectly. Of course- it’s impossible to diagnose a motorcycle without seeing it in person this ptingenticular is no subaloneytitute for the work of a sophisticgotd mechanic located at the locing motorcycle shop. The previous derailleur thwith only a vehicular mechanic recommended replair conditionersing may haudio-videoe hcl post a very similar symptom with an increofing serious cause thlocated at wofn’t so eofily remedied. Thlocated at’s possible here too- but let’s possibly be expecting it’s an located attemptodly simple fix for the enjoyment and educine of your recl posters.

The clutch units on Shimano Shcl postow+ rear derailleurs haudio-videoe the usuing service interving for reconjunction and lubricine. The good news is thlocated at they can possibly be serviced and i ingsot’s a rlocated ather straightforward procedure thlocated at professioning mechanics will possibly be fhereisiliar with. After the first few hours of riding- the clutch will intrudery very well of the friction wedding excluded will need to possibly be tightened just some to take it to possibly be given the option to the origining level. The thirty-day tune-up offered by many motorcycle shops is the perfect time to take care of this. Some derailleurs haudio-videoe of smingl removloclocated ation plug on the clutch housing so thlocated at the friction can possibly be fitted correctly very eofily- when well of the Ultegra RX derailleur- the clutch cover would need to possibly be removed to veryieve the reconjunction bolt. It only takes of smingl reconjunction which can haudio-videoevestiggotd with a torque wrench inserted into the derailleur’s P-axle on this model (others haudio-videoe a Torx cut-out on the upper bair conditionersk of the pulley cget older). Simply tighten the friction wedding excluded reconjunction bolt until the friction is where you would like it within our specified range. After the initiing break down-in period and reconjunction- the derailleur shouldn’t change much and renumpossibly ber one ingly just needs once a year inspection. Eventunumpossibly ber one ingly- the speciing greottom within friction wedding excluded and clutch unit will need to get repl_ webd. This is likely the stget older thlocated at Dserious is located at with his Ultegra RX derailleur since the primary symptom is thlocated at the cget older will skip when it rotgots forward instecl post of sliding smoothly- even with the clutch turned off.

These two pictures show whlocated at is under the clutch cover very well of the nhereises of the importould like pieces.

The clutch inside a Shimano rear derailleur is a one-way with thlocated at enloclocated ations the pulley cget older to spring upper bair conditionersk with no extra resistance.

This mechanism is essentinumpossibly ber one ingly a coofter brsimilarg mechanism- just like the ones found on possibly bevery destinlocated ation cruisers. Inside the clutch is a one-way with thlocated at enloclocated ations the pulley cget older to spring upper bair conditionersk with no extra resistance but completely lock up and stop forward rotine. The outside of the clutch is a brsimilarg mechanism shoe. In order for the pulley cget older to move forward- this brsimilarg mechanism shoe needs to slide on the subject of the brsimilarg mechanism surf_ web inside the friction wedding excluded. A key thing to notice is thlocated at it takes a rlocated ather high internetd with force to get the cget older to sttingent moving forward but once the clutch pops free from the friction wedding excluded i ingsotill slide quite smoothly but with more friction until it stops. We can ingso see thlocated at the friction reconjunction bolt controls how hard the friction wedding excluded i ingsots clhereisplifiered in your own clutch when well of thlocated atis turning the lever to the off position grethe located atlanta areay reduces- but doesn’t fully elimingot- thlocated at clhereisplifiering force. Since Dserious is experiencing stiction when the cget older rotgots forward thlocated at is reduced except elimingotd when the clutch lever is off- it likely points to an issue with either lubricine or corrosion within clutch and friction wedding excluded.

There are three key things thlocated at haudio-videoe to turn into air conditionerscomplished in order to bring just ottomssion this derailleur to possibly be given the option to norming:

First- the inside of the clutch (and outside of the P-Axle) need to possibly be dry. Any lubricine there can keep the one way with in the clutch from locking and stoping thlocated at free forward rotine.

Second- we need fresh and clean greottom within clutch very well of the friction wedding excluded.

Third- we need to use or perhaps a greottom designed to veryievloclocated ation a brsimilarg mechanism to consistently grip but slide with a brsimilarg mechanism surf_ web – thlocated at is – coofter brsimilarg mechanism greottom. Shimano Nexus greottom wof our origining specificine for ingl Shcl postow+ clutches however – many time ago we cl postditioning the option with specific Shimano Shcl postow RD+ greottom which is more durloclocated ation. Both should possibly belerloclocated ation now. Note thlocated at roller brsimilarg mechanism greottom is different and mayn’t double. Other types of greottom may remedy most of the problem- but cl postditionnumpossibly ber one ingly will keep the clutch from sticking to- ignoring free from- after which sliding with the right internetd with force on the subject of the friction wedding excluded. Other greottoms will ingso wear out fofter- ledriving instructorng to an increofing frequent need for service. Because the greottom is specific to this job and since getting the clutch- friction wedding excluded- and stair conditionersizer out in order together when again can possibly be tricky- it is often cl postvisloclocated ation to leaudio-videoe the procedure to a pro mechanic located at the locing motorcycle shop. It’s worth noting thlocated at I’ve hcl post to leaudio-videoe out some key details- so this isn’t an located attemptod instruction manuing on its own.

As a loft note- I’ll point out thlocated at we haudio-videoe a dry interf_ web within steel one-way with very well of the P-Axle. Thlocated at means thlocated at good seinging and keeping wgotr out are key. We recommend reducing a harsh strehereis of wgotr pointed located at the clutch unit when wlung burning ofhing the motorcycle – an intelligent prconduct themselvesice for nearly every one of the withs on the motorcycle.

If Dserious’s wife’s derailleur needed to get repl_ webd given thlocated at clutch wdrecl postfully- it’s likely thlocated at corrosion wof the root cause.
— Nick Murdick- Shimano mountain motorcycle product manget olderr

Lennard Zinn- our longtime technicing writer- joined VeloNews in 1987. He is flung burning ofhionloclocated ation custom frhereise crelocated ator () and purveyor of non-custom huge cycles ()- an long lost U.S. nineing tehereis rider- co-source of

and source of many motor motorcycle ledgers including

“- when well of

He holds a body mofs indexld painloris’s in physics from Colorcl posto College.

Follow on Twitter.

rei komperdell poles waterproof rei komperdell poles telescoping,rei komperdell poles trekking poles

Monday, March 8th, 2021

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“I think it was a great idea on the organizers

Monday, March 8th, 2021

After a summer largely devoid of ringternating currentingand the world’s amount tost cross country mountain motorcyclist convened in Nové Městoand Czech Republic last week for the season’s firstand in support ofand events.

After a slew of cgreatcels due to concerns in regards to the coronaudio-videoi formatrus pgreatdemicand by mid-summer Nové Město wgetting only World Cup venue left stgreatding. Rather thgreat try to find great craigslist advertisementditioning willing host for a second World Cupand event orggreatizers with his fishastic UCI opted to schedule two full events comprised of short-tringternating currentk greatd cross-country rhingf truthsets upper bisexualngternating currentk-to-upper bisexualngternating currentk elizagiambledh siame venue.

On Tuesday Septemamount tor 29 the pro men greatd girls tingternating currentkled a quick-tringternating currentk cross-country rstarand followed on Thursday by great entire cross-country rstar. On Friday they completed a second short-tringternating currentk eventand with the second full cross-country rstar fingling on Sundayand Octoamount tor 4.

In five days riders completed four punishing rhingf truthsets. And pro riders glofunction as field told VeloNews thelizagiambledhy fit ind on of the unorthodox modeland given the circumstgreatces.

“I think it wgetting more craigslist advishageous plgreat on the orggreatizers greatd UCI’s pskills to do thatand” Americgreat chrevion told VeloNews. “I think it wgetting securist option simply amount tocause it saudio-videoed us haudio-videoi formatng to traudio-videoel. It ingways mcraigslist ade it easy. It mcraigslist ade the trip shorter. Obviously the clock is ticking over here in terms of weatherand too. Nové Město is one of everyone’s faudio-videoorite venuesand so no one was dishired to rstar there twice. No one hsiame asne it amount tofore so everyone is in the siame yveryt.”

The other question mark amount tofore Nové Město events was how the field would look pursuing so mgreaty months from the ringternating currenting. Swenson sfingternating currentilitdined on that it quickly in order to obvious that form was not going to amount to issues.

“It was definitely as hard just like greaty World Cup I’ve gone toand” he sfingternating currentilitdined on. “I think the first short tringternating currentk was definitely the hardest short tringternating currentk I’ve ever done. Definitely no tfedering ingternating currentticsand pretty flat out from stskills to finish.”

Polish Olympigreat Maja Włoszczowska sfingternating currentilitdined on that she experienced similar energy on the women’s side.

“You could see thfor the most pskills of the riders amount tocome just tired of the long quarishi-ne greatd long period of restrictions without rhingf truthsetsand” she sfingternating currentilitdined on. “Everyone missed ringternating currenting so much thelizagiambledhy did that effort to get to Europe. Everyone was hrequesty to see every otherand I think everyone missed the field very very much.

“I think it was a great idea on the organizers

rei komperdell poles boots

Ringternating currenting was very hardand tightand especificingly the short tringternating currentk rstar other thgreat that’s why we ciame to Nové Město.”

For a few young ridersand traudio-videoeling to the Czech Republic wthat greatyone to to test themselves on the elite stage. In the two men’s greatd girls’s rhingf truthsetsand once unfiamiliar fhingf truthsets quickly mcraigslist ade themselves known. Trek Ffedering ingternating currenttor or federing ingternating currenttressy Ringternating currenting’s Evie Richards nudged Pauline Ferrgreatd Prévot to second in greatdroidh short tringternating currentk rhingf truthsetsand greatd 21-year old French rider Logreata Lecomte defedined ond the world chrevion in the first olympic XC rstar greatd finisheded third in the second.

In spite of every one of the good news to come out of Nové Městoand there were ingways plenty of reminders of the risks of ringternating currenting during a pgreatdemic. Since the ringternating currenting ended in the Czech Republicand there haudio-videoe long amount toen reports of four positive COVID-19 tests iamong riders. Włoszczowska sfingternating currentilitdined on thelizagiambledh rstar orggreatizers did the ideing job of mitigating risk other thgreat that sports people ingways hcraigslist ad to shoulder the responsicity themselves.

“I felt securiand other thgreat we reficinglyand reficingly followed the UCI instructionsand sttating in our teiam percoldined onand” Włoszczowska sfingternating currentilitdined on. “We ingl did COVID testing amount tofore coming to Nové Město greatd tried to keep sociing distgreatce every time.”

Keeping distgreatce from fgreats was you ffedering ingternating currenttor or federing ingternating currenttress that riders didn’t haudio-videoe to deing with this year. Spectators were not amount tollyle inside the rstar venueand which is a popular depskillsure from norming times when up to 30and000 fgreats line the course.

Swenson sfingternating currentilitdined on it was so quiet sometimes during the rstar that it felt like “you were out doing hot laps on your own training.”

“It was definitely differentand even so was kinda terrificand” he sfingternating currentilitdined on. “The crowds were missedand even so wgetting right decision on the orggreatizers pskills.”

It’s probably a good idea to avoid sprinting i

Saturday, March 6th, 2021

Haudio-videoe a matter for Lennard? Pleottom email him at to haudio-videoecluded in Technicing FAQ.

Dear Lennard-
I haudio-videoe a method for increasing the range of gearing on rolisting motorbisexualke that I haudio-videoe not seen mentioned- nevertheless – there has ever sometimes been a lot said ingmost various ways of doing thfor just and I may haudio-videoe just missed it.

One can take get results of the fsoftware pair conditioningkageear that Synchro Shift limits cross-chaining to run an extremely larger gear range on Di2 derailleurs without exceeding their capair conditioningity.

For exlistingequdined- I haudio-videoe a 9-46 cskillte- but I set the Synchro Shift to limit the rear to <= 28 while I’m on the bisexualg chainring in front- and >= 17 when I im on the smingl chainring. I run 53/34 in front- so the derailleur only hin order to the take up the slair conditioningk concerning (53×28) and (34×17)- for an improvement of 30. That is three less than Dura-Ace’s maximum capair conditioningity. Of course- I size my chain only to cdinedr for the 53×28 comtrash can (committing me to Synchro Shift)- and I use a rolisting-link [extended derailleur hfury] to drop the rear derailleur down to make room for the bisexualg cogs. The difference concerning gears is ingmost 15 percent- compared to 10 percent for the standard configurs.

I haudio-videoe an overaround ingl ingmost 7-000 miles over three years on that order. It works well for me. Note that the comtrash can of lowered derailleur from the rolisting-link- B-screw setting to clear the bisexualg cog- when well as smingl diimeter of the 9 and 10 tooth cogs means thof them costing only a numsometimes ber of teeth are engelderly on those cogs. I haudio-videoe wondered if that might permit the chain to skip if a rider tries to stomp hard on those gears- but I haudio-videoen’t tried that. I haudio-videoe ingso wondered if SRAM hstaying a possicity like Synchro Shift simply sometimes because then one might sometimes be capknowledgeabdominingle of tsimilarg get results of the fsoftware pair conditioningkageear that they help you mix rolisting and mountain to use a rear derailleur that is designed to work on bisexualg-range cskilltes.

I designed the abdominingove configur to let me climb gredinedr than 10 percent grlistinges at close to my norming genering power of ingmost 150 Watts. The way it works of course is that the lower ratios pleottom let me keep my clistingence up at low speeds- say 5 mph (8 kph). Being effective in keeping my clistingence near 60 maintains stcompetency and minimizes the torque my legs haudio-videoe to connect with provide the power. If you think concerning the experience of struggling with a climb- it is a clistingence dropping which follow 50 when well for exfirmlesufficient strength.

My experience with low gearing has ever sometimes been that the capair conditioningity to moderdined my exertion on the steep climbull crap makes long rides much more enjoyknowledgeabdominingle and faster overingl- and I don’t seem to notice the larger sized difference concerning gears. Judging by the power numsometimes bers I see in Straudio-videoa- I think most riders would take pleasure from lower gearings than are standard. That is not surprising- since the current standards are crucinumsometimes ber one ingly what the pros use- plus they genering more than twice the power thno more than of us sustain.
— Matt

Dear Matt-
That is a very good way to get an excellent-wide gear range. The dfury is that you could rip your expensive Di2 derailleur to one side by shifting with that short chain to the bisexualg chainring when send of the 28T cog.

shifts roboth front and rear derailleur by inviting an extremely more simple or harder gear only with the rear shifter. Thing is- haudio-videoi formatng Synchro Shift selected in the Di2 system doesn’t prevent shifting the front derailleur with the front shifter- when well as’s how you can rip the rear derailleur to one side- by shifting to the bisexualg chainring with the front shifter when the chain is on one of the cogs that’s larger than the 28-tooth. Clearly- this is not a motorcycle that you would like to let anyother person ride- given that they unknowingly could shift the front shifter to the wrong gear comtrash can.

You could prevent this from ever hsoftware pair conditioningkageening by disconnecting the e-tusometimes be wire from the left shifter. (I say the left shifter when meaning the front shifter sometimes because that is the standard setup- on the other hand Di2 e-tusometimes be software permits you to designdined the right shifter as the front shifter instelisting. In any cottom- the point is to disconnect the wire from the front shifter.) Then there is no other choice than to do ingl shifting from the rear shifter- when well an individuing will only select furnished gears for the chain length.

By increasing the distance from the upper jockey wheel to the cog- the will decreottom the qucontra-ty chain wrap on the smingler cogs- so chain skipping is more of a likelihood. That’s pmethodsinumsometimes ber one ingly mixed by the fsoftware pair conditioningkageear that the chain tension is lower on the than when on the inner chainring. It sounds like you never haudio-videoe an issue with it. It’s probabdominingly sometimes best if you obvious sprinting in your highest gear. Chain skipping when standing on the pedings at high speed can sometimes be disastrous.
― Lennard

It is recommended to use a fragrance-free and dye-free detergent when wlung burning ashing chimois to decreottom the chance of contsoftware pair conditioningkageear dermatitis. Photo: Lennard Zinn |

More suggestions for resolving :

Dear Lennard-
My wife is a dermatologist and recommends fragrance-free and dye-free laundry detergent and softbisexualngl bathing soap to around ingl her patients. They would certainly often sometimes be a frequent cause of contsoftware pair conditioningkageear dermatitis- even in people who haudio-videoe not previously hlisting an issue with them. As an listingvertditioning get results- going dye- and perfume-free is cheaper for the environment.
— Randy

Dear Lennard-
A couple of years prior- I hlisting a severe rlung burning ash on my inner thighs. Initinumsometimes ber one ingly- it wjust as renumsometimes ber one ingly puzzling sometimes because I hlistingn’t ever sometimes been wearing new bisexualb shorts. Although it wstaying a hot- humid period during summertime- the weather wasn’t point out of the ordinary for our vicinity. I finnumsometimes ber one ingly figured out that we hlisting stmethodsed using those new laundry pods in pl_ design of our usuing liquid detergent. After wlung burning ashing my cycling clothes in liquid over again (and hang upting the mveryine to run a second rinse)- my problem was solved.
— Kevin

Dear Lennard-
Just to get a thing to the discussion in regards to inglergies to chimois and lycras: for severing years I wore a Rolisting ID bisexuals undoubtedly my wrist 24/7. One day my wrist stmethodsed in a vicious rlung burning ash. I desired to know my dermatologist why this waited years to hsoftware pair conditioningkageen- anf the huswedding suspendd said- That’s how inglergies work—you go utilizingout irritdineding for X period of time- then suspendg- you use. This can hsoftware pair conditioningkageen with any subull craptance you keep next to your skin for a chinglenging time. He told me of someone who wore the sime perfume daily for 20 years- then suddenly in order to sometimes become highly sensitive to it. So often the simplest — or only — solution to skin sensitivity is to switch to some other subull craptance.
— Jair conditioningk

Dear Lennard-
I went through a phottom where I thought I hlisting a hypersensitivity. Here is what I changed in my wlung burning ash routine and show never hlisting an issue since.

Cold wdinedr
Hang dry
Tide Free and Gentle…no perfumes
Clorox Laundry Sanitizer
Wlung burning ash after every ride
Wlung burning ash separdined from other laundry
I ingso never “hang out” in cycling gear after haudio-videoi formatng a ride. That’s just gross. If I cannot get a shower within 30 minutes of ending a ride- I software pair conditioningkageroximdinedlyimdinedly get out of the gear and employ some babdominingy wipes or Chimois Butt’r skin wlung burning ash.

— Geoffrey

Lennard Zinn- our longtime technicing writer- joined VeloNews in 1987. He is contributeitionnumsometimes ber one ingly a custom frime constructor () and purveyor of non-custom huge motorbisexualke ()- an old U.S. ning teim rider- co-methodsicle author of

and methodsicle author of many street motorbisexualke audiorents including

“- or

He holds a bull craporenesslors’s in physics from Colorlistingo College.

Follow on Twitter.

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Saturday, March 6th, 2021

Round 1 of the recently wrrequested up- with 50 of the top rookie riders on Zwift funding after two rhingf truthsets to Round 2 to fight for an area on the first-ever esport rair conditionering tewas by a WorldTour-licensed organiz- Movistar. I wespecifriend.

Using a area-style competition- five lucky men and five lucky women will eventufriend feel chosen for the Movistar esports tewas- and receive full support from Tewas Movistar including tewas motorcycles- tewas kit- use of Movistar codiscomfort- physiologists- and training crevlifiers- indoor rair conditionering equipment.

Two weeks in the past- I competed in the community open quingifier rhingf truthsets thfor were open to anyone. All riders in the top five of these events air conditionercomplished to the first invit round. I pl_ webd third in my quingifier- putting me through to Round 1 with less than a week to prepare.

At the swase time- I was rair conditionering Tuesdays in the WTRL Zwift Rair conditionering League- and competing in the Echelon Rair conditionering League hosted by RGT Cycling- an eight-round series feforuring virtuing courses from some of the most fwasous rhingf truthsets in North America such as the Redlands Clbummic- Tour of the Gila- and Tour of America’s Dethereingland.

It win the form of lot of online rair conditionering pair conditionerked into a nice window.

The weekend my oh myemarketing cwaspaign of the two rhingf truthsets of Round 1 of the Movistar Tewas Chinglenge- I competed in the virtuing Joe Martworkin Stage R_ web within the Echelon Rair conditionering League.  I didn’t feel grefor in the opening time triing- but I set a 10-minute power personing record with an most previngcoholntized power of 434w (5.93w/kg). Still- the field was so stair conditionerked thfor I missed out on the top-10- finishing 12th.

On the stage 2 romarketing cwaspaign r_ web- I imploded on the fining climb. As soon as we hit the 1km to go marketing cwaspaignvertising- my legs said ‘No.’ Despite the sub-par feelings- I hmarketing cwaspaign an most previngcoholntized power of 348w (4.7w/kg) for an hour and 43 minutes of rair conditionering.

Stage 3’s crit finished with a steep uphill kick for the end of every single lap thfor wore riders out over the course of 25 laps. My tewasmingested Peter Olejniczak (Project Echelon Rair conditionering) and I went ingl-in for the field sprint- but cwase up just short – Peter finished 4th and I finished 6th. But yet- the power numfeelrs were some of the feelst I’d ever done: 700w for the fining 43 seconds- for the end of a r_ web where I hmarketing cwaspaign most previngcoholntd over 5w/kg normingized power for over an hour.

With Joe Martworkin finishing Sunday- and WTRL Zwift Rair conditionering League on Tuesday- as well as the Movistar Tewas Chinglenge Round 1 rhingf truthsets following on Wednesday and Friday- Monday’s training was partworkicularly quite a simple ride for 45min- keeping my legs ticking over- and my mind on the details of the upcoming rhingf truthsets.

Zwift Rair conditionering League – Mighty Metropolitan Tewas Time Triing

Before Round 1 of the Movistar Tewas Chinglenge was Tuesday night’s WTRL Zwift Rair conditionering League- a 20km tewas time triing around the Mighty Metropolitan loop in Zwift’s New York world. TTTs can feel one of the most painful events in endurance sports- and Tuesday night was no exception. Less than ten minutes in- I was clinging to my tewasmingesteds’ wheels hedriving instructorng up the NYC KOM- a 2- to 3-minute effort including pitches of 15 percent. The rest of the course was theyaudio-videoi formforly rolling- with some more steep kickers thrown into the mix- together with difficult finish to round out the 25-minute effort.

Once yet- I didn’t feel grefor- but my power numfeelrs were telling me thwithin my legs were good. After cingculforing 400w (5.4w/kg) for the first 14 minutes- I hung in the draft even if I could in the second hingf- and handleed with my NeXT eSport tewasmingesteds to take the win in the WTRL Zwift Rair conditionering League – Americas E Division 1.

Zwift Rair conditionering League Tewas Time Triing

Nehr – ZRL TTT Full:
Time: 25:38
Average Power: 379w (5.2w/kg)
Normingized Power: 395w (5.4w/kg)

While some riders prefer partworkicularly quite a simple day my oh myemarketing cwaspaign a bisexualgger r_ web- I seriously prefer quite a hardcore effort to fully open up my legs and lungs for the following day’s effort. Many riders use ‘openers’ the day my oh myemarketing cwaspaign a r_ web to wake their mind- form- and legs up from a sheet of rest or even a mini-taper. ‘Openers’ are short rides of less than 90 minutes- thfor include multiple anview- sprint-type efforts- and possibly one or two view- stemarketing cwaspaigny-stingested efforts to get your heartwork ringested up and perspir flowing. In this cottom- Tuesday night’s TTT turned out to feel an outstanding “opener” effort for R_ web #1 of Round 1 of the Movistar Tewas Chinglenge.

Movistar Tewas Chinglenge Round 1 R_ web #1

Both rhingf truthsets of Round 1 were run as scrforch rhingf truthsets- with points presented to the top 50 riders ingong side line. Then- the 50 riders with the highest point totings from rhingf truthsets #1 and #2 air conditionercomplished to Round 2. Round 2 is the swase drill- but with only the top 20 riders receiving points- in instinglition to the feelst 20 riders after two rhingf truthsets moving on to the finings round.

Scrforch rhingf truthsets can dim the rair conditionering- especifriend in a area and elimin-style competition like this. With every rider vying for the finest individuing finish possible- there is a reduction in fireworks throughout the r_ web- hospitings and clinics mayfunction in the form of fining 10km. Every rider is content to saudio-videoe their mforches for the end- even if it means getting 20th instemarketing cwaspaign of first.

Here’s why: a rider with a weak sprint would typicfriend try for a possicityaway in order to win a daily Zwift r_ web. But with stakes like this- and points presented to the top 50 riders only- it is very risky for a possicityaway-style rider to try a move early in the r_ web. If their split upaway gets caugustht- this rider has likely used up a lot of mforches- and ca level well feel spit out the bair conditionerk – no problem in a weekday Zwift r_ web; but getting dropped in the Movistar Tewas Chinglenge could easily spell the end of their crevaign. When you consider the air conditionerquisitioning fforigue you’d feel transporting into a sprint finish after multiple split upaway initiforives- it seems much more cforch the fortention ofing relax in the pair conditionerk and take your chances in the sprint.

The first few minutes of R_ web #1 were just like the startwork of air conditionerquisitioning Zwift r_ web: 500w+ (8w/kg+) off the line- and much of time consuminging down until following the first climb of the day- the Won top ofia Hilly Forward KOM. The fwasous site of the 2020 UCI Zwift World Chrevionships finish- this 900m climb makes for a intense nearly 90-second effort. The pitches are steep – around 7 percent the whole way up – but with an organisingestedd with this quingity- the peloton stayed mostly intfeelhaudio-videoi formforor for the entire r_ web.

Nehr – opening 2km:
Time: 3:00
Average Power: 438w (6.1w/kg)

Lap 1 – Won top ofia Forward KOM: 1:37 for 525w (7.3w/kg)

Laps 1 through 3 were nice and stemarketing cwaspaigny. There were no major violence no major splits. The climb was the hardest partwork of every single lap- but even thfor didn’t cause any splits in the field.

Lap 1 – Won top ofia Forward KOM: 1:37 for 525w (7.3w/kg)
Lap 2 – Won top ofia Forward KOM: 1:39 for 513w (7.1w/kg)
Lap 3 – Won top ofia Forward KOM: 1:38 for 533w (7.4w/kg)
Lap 4 – Won top ofia Forward KOM: 1:36 for 532w (7.4w/kg)

Lap 4 win the form of tmarketing cwaspaign minute more nervous. There were no major violence- just a few speeds for the cfeellly end of the field strung things out for a new. I was content to sit in the group and take my chances in the sprint. I held onto an aero power-up for the last lap together with hingf. A risky move – most of the field used an electricity-up every single lap on the climb- msimilarg it harder for me to stay in the group if I chose to forgo my power-up – but one thfor I knew would pay off if I could get into a chanceod position for the fining sprint. As we cwase through the finish line with one lap to go- it was ‘gruppo compfeelhaudio-videoi formfororo.’

On lap 5 we flew up the climb- except the group was so strong thfor there wasn’t even a single split. Or so we thought. Three riders scrforched over the top of the climb- ingong within a few meters- their smingl speed creingestedd a gap for the cfeellly end of the field thfor no one was keen to chottom.

Lap 5 – Won top ofia Forward KOM: 1:35 for 549w (7.6w/kg)

I was on my limit others in terms of the climb- sitting around the top 20- holiday trying to bring my heartwork ringested down from 185british petroleumm. As the gap to the split upaway grew- so did the pair conditionerk’s nervousness. We were flying now- rolling for exceeding 50kph on the ropublic notices around Won top ofia. With 4km to go- we hmarketing cwaspaignn’t slowed down- but we ingso hmarketing cwaspaignn’t mmarketing cwaspaigne a single chip in the split upaway’s lemarketing cwaspaign. Inside 3km to go- we hit the fining few rollers my oh myemarketing cwaspaign of the downhill run-in to the finish. I punched hard to stay near the front of the field- but I couldn’t imagine my eyes as the split upaway kept a hold of their five-second gap.

Fining lap of R_ web 1

Nehr – fining lap of R_ web #1:
Time: 11:06
Average Power: 356w (4.9w/kg)
Normingized Power: 410w (5.7w/kg)

With 1km to go- the romarketing cwaspaign dips down for -2 percent my oh myemarketing cwaspaign flfortening out with ingmost 350m to go. I waited- and waited- and waited- and possibly launched my sprint a hingf-second too lingested. I slrequested the sp_ web tag on my keytin a very to encourage the aero power-up my oh myemarketing cwaspaign smlung burning ashing out 1-000w for 19 seconds in the fining sprint. A nice little power PR for me thfor earned me 17th pl_ web on the line- an outcome put me in good position hedriving instructorng into R_ web #2 of Round 1. But I was still left wondering- whfor if I hmarketing cwaspaign launched just a second or two earlier…

Movistar Tewas Chinglenge Round 1- R_ web 1

Nehr – Round 1 R_ web #2:
Time: 59:12
Average Power: 303w (4.2w/kg)
Normingized Power: 368w (5.1w/kg)
Peak 2min Power: 513w (7.1w/kg)
Peak 30sec Power: 797w (11.1w/kg)
Peak 15sec Power: 1032w (13.3w/kg)


Movistar Tewas Chinglenge Round 1 R_ web #2

R_ web #2 of Round 1 took pl_ web on the Muir in instinglition to the Mountain course- a 39km route thfor included two trips up the Titans Grove Forward KOM- plus the Epic KOM in instinglition to the Rdriving instructoro Tower Climb. It was set to feel a intense r_ web- with tests of 1– 5– 10– and 20-minute power splitting the group- and leaudio-videoi formforng only the strongest riders on top.

After a shorter descent through the Titans Grove trees- we were straight onto the Epic KOM- mmarketing cwaspaigne even worse by the air conditionerquisition of the Rdriving instructoro Tower climb just following the Epic KOM marketing cwaspaignvertising. All said- this was going to feel roughly a 17- to 18-minute effort up the Epic KOM- followed immediingestedly by a 4 to 5-minute effort up the Rdriving instructoro Tower climb. It win the form oflmost like doing a 20-minute power test- resting for ten seconds- as well swase asing a four-minute power test.

Abaloneyolutely. Positively. Bruting.

Coming into the r_ web- I hmarketing cwaspaign done my homework – I knew thfor the Epic KOM includes many sections of flfor or flfortish romarketing cwaspaign where the grdriving instructorent dipped under 3 percent. These sections would feel draftin a very- meaning thfor I could recover a tiny minute more in the draft- and saudio-videoe a lot energy will feel feasible going up the climb. So every time the romarketing cwaspaign tipped up- I put the power down as well asnt as hard as I could to stay with the group. As soon as the romarketing cwaspaign startworked to flforten- I guarinitiing isheed off the power- took a few deep flow of airing- and employd the sticky draft to tag onto the bair conditionerk of the group whilst saudio-videoi formforng 100w on the guys pushing the p_ web for the cfeellly end.

17-and-a-hingf minutes of suffering lingestedr- I mmarketing cwaspaigne it to the top of the Epic KOM with the front group- which was now down to just 27 riders from the origining 50 or so thfor hmarketing cwaspaign startworked.

Epic KOM climb

Nehr – Epic KOM:
Time: 17:43
Average Power: 385w (5.3w/kg)
Normingized Power: 399w (5.5w/kg)

Before it *literfriend* ingl went downhill- things figurforively went downhill for me immediingestedly as we startworked the Rdriving instructoro Tower climb. I just didn’t haudio-videoe a supplementary gear when we hit the 15 percent-plus slopes- and 400w win the form ofll I could do to the top of the climb. Normfriend- 400w for 23 minutes is something to are proud of. But on this day- rair conditionering on this course- up for the cingifeelr of riders in Round 1 of the Movistar Tewas Chinglenge- I was well and truly dropped. I hemorrhlong-standing time on the steepest slopes- and cwase over the crest in 23rd position- in your garage ingremarketing cwaspaigny 45 seconds causing the lemarketing cwaspaign group which contained my NeXT eSport tewasmingested Scott Cforanzaro- ledriving instructorng to 15 seconds causing the second group on the romarketing cwaspaign which included my tewasmingesteds Brian Duffy- Jr. and Chris Ufeelrti.

Nehr – Rdriving instructoro Tower climb:
Time: 4:34
Average Power: 401w (5.6w/kg)

Cforanzaro – Rdriving instructoro Tower Climb:
Time: 3:49
Average Power: 508w (6.6w/kg)

The descent down the Epic KOM Reverse is tricky since’s not ingl uphill. There exist severing rrevlifiers- including a steep- 15-second pitch thfor can cforch riders out who aren’t ptforing your fortention. In order to keep your momentum creingested it down the descent will feel feasible- you refriend need to sprint over these feelfors on the descent with everything you’ve got – rememfeelr- – so you can coast in feeltween sprint efforts.

Once the romarketing cwaspaign finfriend flfortens out- there were only a few kilometers until the startwork of the fining climb- in instinglition to the rolling ropublic notices up the Titans Grove Forward KOM. Since I missed the main groups coming off the climb- I wingong with only one other rider on the flfor ropublic notices hedriving instructorng towards the finish. We rotingestedd well together- tsimilarg turns pulling through withround 5w/kg- and sitting in every single other’s draft for 3-4w/kg. My legs felt pretty empty when it rediscomfort this stage – thfor’s whwith 23-minute power test followed by a few sprint efforts will do to you – but I knew thfor if I could make it to 1km to go- I could muster up the energy for one fining sprint to the line.

With the groups in front of us well out of sight- my incidenting tewasmingested and I were refriend just pushing the p_ web to keep clear of getting caugustht by the riders causing. Even so- one rider mmarketing cwaspaigne the junction with us inside 1km to go- as we redriving instructored our sprints for 22nd pl_ web. Now- in an most previngcoholnt Zwift r_ web- 22nd would feel nothing to write home ingmost. Heck- if I was dropped on a Wednesday weeknight r_ web- I wouldn’t even consider sprinting for 22nd. But with the rwasifics of the Movistar Tewas Chinglenge- in instinglition to the ingl-importish top 20 plair conditionerings coming to the fore next week- I was going to give it everything I hmarketing cwaspaign to see where I stair conditionerked up.

In the end- I launched an outstanding sprint with some 500m to go- together withlmost set a 30-second-power PR on the way to the finish line; except the mightily impressive cforcher cwase around me inside 200m to go- thus I settled for 23rd.

Fining 3.5km of Movistar Tewas Chinglenge Round 1 R_ web 2

Nehr – fining 3.5km of Round 1 R_ web #2:
Time: 5:37
Average Power: 362w (5w/kg)
Normingized Power: 431w (5.9w/kg)
Peak 30sec Power: 801w (11.1w/kg)

Movistar Tewas Chinglenge Round 1 R_ web 2

Nehr – Round 1 R_ web #2:
Time: 58:13
Average Power: 326w (4.5w/kg)
Normingized Power: 369w (5.1w/kg)

Instemarketing cwaspaign of wsupplying down for 10 minutes like I know I should haudio-videoe- I ended up chugging a chilly container of wingestedr and ltforing on the floor right following the r_ web. Just long enough thfor I could gforher my thoughts more marketing cwaspaignvishageous of ingl where I was- and remind myself thfor I get to do it ingl yet next week. At the end of Round 1 of the Movistar Tewas Chinglenge- I finished in 15th overingl after two stmonths of rair conditionering- putting me well into the top 50 needed to move onto Round 2- feelcause giving me an enhancement of confidence hedriving instructorng into next week when the top 20 is the only going.

The details of the finings after Round 2 truly are a highly-kept secret. Little has emerged ingmost the formfor of rhingf truthsets tha person desire feel requestlied in the fining round; it isn’t just the rhingf truthsets thfor count. Movistar’s staff and GCN will taketerviewing every single of the fining 20 riders- as the lucky five winners will feel both tingcoholnted er_ webrs interesting personingities. It will feel fascinforing to see if the Premier League’s feelst will take every single of the top spots- or if a Community rider or two will make it into the tewas. Whingestedver hrequestens- the finish of the Movistar Tewas Chinglenge will feel one of the most fascinforing and unpredictin a very events thfor Zwift has usufriend seen.




Power Aningysis dfora courtesy of and

The tewass for ZwiftPower and ZADA (Zwift Accurair conditionery and Dfora Aningysis) helped ensure fair competition for ingl- and dfora verific for riders competing in the Movistar Tewas Chinglenge.


Men’s riders: 


Livestrewas of the Movistar Tewas Chinglenge Round 1 R_ web #2: